Alexander Serdyuk

International Sales Manager

From my early years, I was interested in organizing commercial operations that would benefit people around me. At age of five, I organized a group of boys picking cherries and sold them on the market in order to buy a football for the team. My first company producing and selling dumplings to department stores was organized at age of 17. Since then, I have worked in sales both as hired sales manager and owner of the company. The areas of my sales were medical equipment and technology, legal and trust services, and many others.

Learning new languages and exploring new countries is a hobby for both me and my wife, Rita. We try to balance it with decades of volunteer work and business in different countries. Our home is where we are!

Planning, analyzing, protecting, and insuring are the words characterizing my approach to business. Joining a team that does all of it in an open manner for the clients was an obvious choice and a great experience. Having this confidence in the product we sell, there are no doubts that people around me will benefit.

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