Johnny Nielsen

Board member
+45 4017 0824

I’m married to Lotte and have two grown-up sons.

I live an active life with interest in running, nature and dog training.

On a professional level, I have nearly 15 years of management experience from an NGO organisation in the financial sector. My focus has been on advocacy, strategy development and board work. Also, I have several years of management experience in the Danish public sector, working to ensure good conditions for the Danish business community.

My mantra is that a company first needs to define growth targets and control risks, resources and processes before a company’s growth potential can be realised. Digitalisation and IT security are some of the most critical risk areas a business needs to have under control. Together with our team, I contribute with strong analysis and provide solid solutions to complicated problems.

Core competencies:

  • Master of Science in Economics
  • Continuing education CFL / Insead
  • Board training

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