Lasse Jylov

IT Risk Specialist

In the past years, I have grown to be a bit of a coffee nerd. But in retrospect, I might always have been a nerd. It was never enough to know what something did; I also had to understand how it worked and why it needed to be done. In terms of coffee, the beans, roast, grind, temperature, extraction time and whom it is served to are all essential pieces of the puzzle. Some might say you don’t need those details to enjoy a cup of coffee – but where is the fun in that? 

At ACI, I get to deconstruct much more than just coffee. I get to use my degree from ITU and put my softer core values to practice in the dialogue of deconstructing risk. Problems are best handled when we’re honest about them and collaborate to understand their root causes – so, let’s put generic corporate speak to rest and get brewing. 

Core competencies 

  • IT governance  
  • IT adoption and shadow IT 
  • Analysis and communication 

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