Li Sommer Vilmar

Executive Secretary

I live just outside Copenhagen and am married to Jacob. It is great living close to the city, which we enjoy immensely.

After many years working in an organisation for disabled people, I decided to change course. Now, I have thrown myself into a new industry. I like routines but also find new challenges very exciting.

With a background as a management secretary and PA, I am the office’s ‘octopus’. My tasks range widely, from keeping track of the team’s deadlines, tasks and the management’s calendar to focusing on proofreading and quality-checks of our main deliverables.

I love to travel, meet new cultures and expand my horizons. But as much as I love being out and experiencing, I also love to immerse myself in a good book at home or go for a run. I also spend part of my free time doing voluntary work, which gives me deep satisfaction.

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