Malte Nissen

IT Risk Specialist
+45 4243 5312

I love a challenge. One of my interests is gin and rum, and I like to push myself, trying to distil it myself. I explore ingredients and refine my process. So, I have plenty to learn for the next ten years.

In my professional life, I also like the challenge of solving IT puzzles. My background is in IT support. I was trained at a small services company where all our work was on-premise. This gave me plenty of hands-on experience with different tasks, from telephones to SQL servers. Here, I also acquired a wide range of skills within IT and a greater understanding of how to structure IT architecture.

Later, I helped with support at a larger company, giving my first-hand experience with some of the challenges that might arise with such a set-up.

Core competencies

  • IT administration
  • Information security

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