Malte Spence

+45 2757 0904

I’m married to Nanna. We live in Odense, in a calm neighbour looking over a small river and ducks.

I grew up in an international family with live music, organic millet porridge and eggs from our own chickens. At an early age, I learned that if I wanted to understand something, I had to try it myself. And then try again and again.

Through the years, this has given me a rich understanding of the many ways we perceive and understand the world around us and each other.

My eagerness to learn new things has brought me down a somewhat untraditional career path, past technical IT disciplines, sociology, organisational understanding and medical school back to the world of IT and a backpack filled with valuable cross-disciplinary experiences.

I have a bachelor’s degree in international business informatics from the IT University of Copenhagen. Since 2015, I have worked with different aspects of IT, from IT support and data analysis to project management, IT strategy and system design.

At ACI, I help bridge understandings and create synergy across our services in quantitative risk management, governance and compliance.

Core competencies

  • Strategy and process development
  • IT governance
  • IT development processes
  • Analysis and communication

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