Søren Damsgaard

IT Risk Specialist

I live in Christianshavn, Copenhagen, and am married to Kirsten. We love spending time in the city, but also enjoy nature in both here in Copenhagen and in the countryside.

I am engaged in our local cooperative, where we live, and truly appreciate and cook delicious food along with delicious wines.

For more than 20 years, I helped develop “e-nettet” (a company in the finance sector) and many other digital solutions for the benefit of all Danes. I started as Operations Director and for the past five years as CISO (Security Officer). I have worked hard on the overall security level of the financial sector and actively contributed to raising the overall security level of the financial industry.

I’m originally from Funen and have a Master of Science (MSc) in Economics and Business administration from the University of Odense, now The University of Southern Denmark.

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