Make the choices that reduce your IT risks to a known and acceptable level. We develop technology and advisory services for IT risk management.

Make the safe choice – the quantitative choice

Today, IT is crucial for companies and society. It deserves the best risk management available. Management that conveys risk in a language that is understood on all levels. Management that leads to decisions and initiatives that reduce IT risks.

IT risk management based on quantitative methods has proven effective since the 1950s and can significantly reduce uncertainty in the decision-making process.

At ACI, we develop technology and advisory services for Danish and international companies that want the best IT risk management available.

What’s the fun in that?

What’s the fun in that?

The last couple of years have reminded us of how dangerous and fluid the world is. It's become our new normal. War in Europe, climate changes, macroeconomic...

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Give me a number!

Give me a number!

People are often asked about estimates in investments, the opening of new business areas, projects and budgeting. The estimates given are subject to...

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ACI is an interdisciplinary team with specialists in both IT and risk management. We develop technology and deliver consulting services within IT risk management.

We collaborate with our customers on quantitative IT risk management, which contributes to decisions on the most informed basis.

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