Webinar: An introduction to quantitative methods for cyber risk management

Skrevet af Bo Thygesen

Almost daily, we hear about how cyber threats and IT risks increase globally across industries. Sadly, the methods and tools used for IT risk management today do not deliver the consistent decision support that organizations need.

On March 23rd 2023, we conducted a free webinar on this topic. Joined worldwide by 100+ viewers from international organizations, we covered how to apply the best quantitative methods in a cyber risk assessment while complying with EU regulations.

Topics covered:

  • Why quantitative methods outperform qualitative methods?
  • Learn the process of quantitative risk assessment
  • How you can build good risk scenarios
  • How you estimate the right likelihood of cyber-attacks
  • How you estimate the consequences of a cyber-attack
  • Estimation tactics – how you decompose and calibrate
  • How you apply measurements to reduce uncertainty
  • How you conduct Monte Carlo simulations

Hear our quantitative and IT specialists share the data-driven models and proven scientific methods for delivering consistent decision support for business leaders.

If you want to learn more about quantitative methods for cyber risk management and how they apply to your organizations, please get in touch with us at info@aci.dk.

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